Brazilian Mathematical Colloquium

Dates: July 26th to 31st, 2015.

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The Brazilian Mathematical Colloquium is the main scientific event of our community, happening every two years (usually in the last week of July) at IMPA - Rio de Janeiro, with an attendance of around 1,000 people. In July 2015, this event will reach its 30th edition, and there will be several activities of interest in Analysis and PDEs .

Among such activities we highlight:

1) Boltzmann-type equations and their applications - Prof. Ricardo Alonso (PUC - Rio)
2) Modern theory of nonlinear elliptic PDE - Prof. Boyan Sirakov (PUC - Rio)
3) Economic models and mean-field games theory - Prof. Diogo Gomes (KAUST), Prof. Levon Nurbekyan (KAUST) and Edgard A. Pimentel (UFC).


Thematic sessions

1) Harmonic Analysis and Applications:

List of speakers


2) Partial Differential Equations

List of speakers